+++++++Current Schedule++++++++

The Denton Bell Band rehearses most Sundays during the
academic year.  We perform in the Denton area on Sunday
afternoons about once a month.  We do not rehearse or
perform during June, July and August.  Should you plan to
visit, please call 940-453-3273 to be sure that our schedule
has not changed.  
The Bell Band rehearses at the Gateway United Baptist
Church, 2401 North Bell Avenue,
during the academic
on Sundays from 3:00 to 4:00 pm.  New members
and visitors are always welcome.  
We do not require an
no audition.  We will find something that you can do.    
For several years the Bell Band took an annual tour to other
cities in Texas.  The
2014 Tour was our last one.  The cost of
travel plus the age of many of our ringers and some directors
forced us to make this decision.  We will concentrate on
performances in Denton and use funds to continue the work of
the Bell Band for many years to come. Our thanks all who have
helped fund the tours that took us to over 100 cities in Texas.  
Bell Band rehearsals will begin
again on Sunday, September 10,
at the Gateway Church at 3:00
pm.  Visitors and prospective new
members are welcome to attend.