Welcome to the the web site of the
Denton Bell Band, Inc.  We perform
music with handbells, chimes and
synthesizer for local events during
the school year.  Our members are
adults with intellectual challenges who
live in the Denton community.   We
receive support from the Greater
Denton Arts Council, The Arts Guild
of Denton, the Denton Benefit League,
the Texas Commission on the Arts,
and the National Endowment for the
Arts. Principal funding is from our
friends in the community.  For more
information, call (940)453-3273 (C), or
send an email to our director at:
The man playing the
drum in the photo is
James Peacock.  He
was a member of the
Bell Band for many
years.  He lost a long
battle with Alzheimer's
disease in December,
2007.  There was a
service in memory of
James at the Denton
State School Chapel.  
There were almost 200
people in attendance -
a fitting testimony to
the impact that he had
on many lives.  We will
miss James but will
remember all the good
things he taught us.
All of the the
information on this
website is important,
because the ideas
presented here may help
others who wish to start
a group similar to the
Denton Bell Band. Mr.
Pinson is available for
online consultation with
no charge. The Bell Band
uses a combination of
methods that are useful
with all disabilities.  For
more information about
these and others click on
the link above:  
How To
Start Your Own Special
Needs Handbell Choir
Byron Kelley - Associate Director
National Endowment for the Arts
We are dedicating our performances in 2020 to Byron and Alexis
Kelley who did many things to keep the Bell Band going during Joe
Pinson's absence during the 2019 season.  Our hats are off to you
for your dedication during this time.
Click this link to see a video about the Denton Bell
Band from Texas Country Reporter: