++++++++ Denton Bell Band Board of Directors ++++++++
The last meeting of the Board of Directors was
on April 17.  The next meeting will be held at the
Pinson home on
July 17 at 5:30 pm.  Visitors are
always welcome.  Directions at 940-453-3273.
Tammera Beckham, Board Member
(Retired 4-H Administrator and Handbell Ringer)
3314 Clydesdale Drive, Denton, TX  76210

Jennifer Engelbrecht, Board Member
Special Education Teacher in the Denton Public Schools
Denton, TX

Byron Kelley, Board Member, Associate Director of the Bell Band
(Retired Training Specialist, F. E. M. A., Denton)
7283 W. FM 922, Era, TX  76238

Alexis Kelley, Board Member
(Retired from UNT)
7283 W. FM 922, Era, TX  76238

Tracy Lindsay, Board Member, Treasurer
(Office of Research & Grants, T. W. U.)
3100 Old North Road, Denton, TX  76209

Brad Marcus, Member of the Bell Band
3500 Beatriz Drive, Denton, TX  

Joseph Pinson, President, Director of the Bell Band   
(Retired Assistant Clinical Professor, TWU.)
1408 Manten Blvd., Denton, TX  76208

Dr. Dennis Schurter, Board Member
(Retired Chaplain, Denton State School)
2500 Hinkle Dr.,#39, Denton, TX  76201

Eileen Short, Chairperson & Secretary
(Retired Assistant Superintendent, Denton State School)
1325 Kings Row, Denton, TX  76209
The Board of Directors of the Bell Band has established a
regular meeting schedule that we follow as much as possible.  
We meet at 5:30 pm on the third Tuesday of January, April,
July, and October. Our meetings are held at the Pinson home,
1408 Manten Boulevard in Denton.